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Attend a local event to start your free real estate investing education. You have the opportunity to become a real estate apprentice with hands on, 1:1 real estate advising and coaching. Start wholesaling properties after your first class!

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Real Estate Investor Training

Get everything you need to start building your real estate empire under the guidance of an experienced, active investor. 


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A Different Kind of Real Estate Education

Local Investors

Having a local real estate investor network is crucial to any successful real estate business.  Plug into ours while you start building your business. 

Profit Sharing Coaching

We don’t charge tuition like most real estate education companies. Our goal is to educate you, and have you take action. So we share in profits when we help you through your deals. We make money when you make money. 

Successful Students

We’re in the business of creating winning situations for everyone. We’re successful when we help you start taking action towards your real estate investing goals.  

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Why Should I Become A Real Estate Apprentice?

What is a Real estate apprentice?

Join our team of apprentices and investors all with different levels of experience. Joe Spies and other Investor Leaders host weekly team classes, one one one meetings and do house walk-through’s with students. Learning is one thing, building a new business is another. Significantly increase your odds of success when you can learn while working hands-on under an active investor. Our mentors will help you find, finance and close real estate deals step by step. 

What Will an apprenticeship offer Me?

Are you looking for someone to help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be? Tried to get started in real estate but not getting the results you want? Too intimidated to get started? Whatever the obstacle, we’ll help you remove it.

Our apprenticeship program will take you through a few weeks of online or in person fundamental real estate education. By the end of it, you will be finding and analyzing potential real estate deals. 

Once you find your first deal, we’ll help you do a walk through, analyze comps and determine ARV (after repair value), all the way through the rehab and resale of the property. A truly hands-on approach in helping our students actually start doing real estate transactions. 

Does it cost anything to be a real estate apprentice?

Check out our events page to learn about our free workshops and classes! After you learn about our group, process, training opportunities and meet the available mentors, you’ll be able to sign up for our earn while you learn apprenticeship.

If you decide to move forward, there is an affordable monthly fee for the tools you’ll need to find leads and deals. Then, the mentors will assist you in putting together your own deals in exchange for sharing in the profits of that deal.

In other words, we get paid when you get paid. We’re successful when you’re successful.

How long is the apprenticeship?

Most of our students are in our 2-year apprentice program. However, there are short-term apprentice programs available depending on your situation and experience level. 

How will I find and finance my real estate deals?

The #1 thing you’ll learn about real estate is how important your network is. Becoming an apprentice plugs you into our network, leads and financing options. Private money, hard money loans and conventional funding are all options regardless of cash and credit you have available. 

About Joe Spies

Real Estate Coach

Joe Spies is an accomplished real estate broker, contractor, mentor and father of three. He currently lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and if it’s not raining, you’ll find him on his motorcycle. Joe got his start in real estate in 2002 after a friend and fellow agent suggested that he would be a really great real estate broker. His first two clients were house flippers and while handling their transactions, he got to learn the science of a successful flip over and over again. 

In 2007, Joe got his contractor’s license. Since he comes from a background in the Iron Workers Union, working on projects like the Nike building in Portland, construction was already a part of his tool belt.

Joe worked with the banks for several years on maintaining and rehabbing their foreclosed properties. As the market started to recover, he took the plunge into his own flipping business. 

He has since been a part of over 100 deals in the Pacific Northwest and still actively flips houses. However, now he prefers to mentor and show other people how to successfully find deals and make money in the real estate industry. 

What Apprentice’s Are Saying

Before being a part of the Real Estate Apprentice Academy my wife and I had been a part of a national Real Estate education program. However, having someone with experience in our local market and with local laws has been a huge benefit to our business! Joe is always extremely quick to respond to our questions and has been a wonderful resource for us and our clients!

Cody & Dannii Baylock

Apprentice, Real Estate Apprentice Academy

The Academy is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the resources and HANDS on ACTUAL training provided are something you won’t find anywhere else. The coaches are very knowledgeable and resourceful in all areas of real estate. You really won’t find a better Academy or group to work with to build your own real estate business.

Julian Littleton

Apprentice, Real Estate Apprentice Academy



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