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Real Estate investing CoacH & mentor

Joe has been a part of over 100 deals in the Pacific Northwest and still actively flips houses. Now he prefers to mentor and show other people how to successfully find deals and make money in the real estate industry. 

Joe Spies – My Story

Joe Spies is an accomplished real estate broker, contractor, mentor and father of three. He currently lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and if it’s not raining, you’ll find him on his motorcycle. Joe got his start in real estate in 2002 after a friend and fellow agent suggested that he would be a really great real estate broker. His first two clients were house flippers and while handling their transactions, he got to learn the science of a successful flip over and over again. 

In 2007, Joe got his contractor’s license. Since he comes from a background in the Iron Workers Union, working on projects like the Nike building in Portland, construction was already a part of his tool belt.

Joe worked with the banks for several years on maintaining and rehabbing their foreclosed properties. As the market started to recover, he took the plunge into his own flipping business. 

After successfully partaking in over 100 deals in the Pacific Northwest, Joe spends his time and gets the most satisfaction out of helping new investors be successful as quickly as possible. The unique combination of “classroom” education, learning hands on, mentorship and action-oriented assignments is a  recipe for success.

“Joe taught me the fundamentals of real estate and gave me the resources to find my first deal!”

Why Work With Me?

If you’re looking to jump into real estate and start replacing your current income within 6 weeks, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Our real estate apprenticeship program is action-oriented and pay-per-results. How much safer can you get?

In order for us to get paid for teaching you how to invest in real estate, we have to make sure you actually start using your education to get paid yourself. We share in the profits of your deals during the duration of your apprenticeship.

If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.  


Growing up on a farm in Nebraska and shipping off to Navy boot-camp the day after I graduated high school makes me built for hard work, diligence, accountability and responsibility. A fair broker, honest contractor and trustworthy mentor. Building relationships and helping people break down barriers is what wakes me up at 4AM.


  • Navy Veteran
  • Iron Workers Union (Seattle)
  • Commercial Contractor


  • Real Estate Broker
  • General Contractor
  • Commercial Contractor


  • Wholesaling Properties
  • Auctions, Foreclosures, FSBO & Creative Acquisitions
  • Fix & Flips



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